Where Am I?


I’ve just returned to the UK from a trip to Italy! My heart is still for Spain, but Italy (and Rome in particular) is wonderful. I think a ‘Capital City Vs Capital City’ is in order – so Madrid, you’re next!    

Rome in 48 Hours

Rome Colosseum

Rome is stuffed full of famous landmarks, iconic buildings, and must-see attractions. It needs time dedicated to exploring its quaint streets and appreciating its many layers. However, it can be done in 48 hours! Spend an Evening in Vatican City If you’re not too fussed about going into the Vatican, this is a great alternative. From dusk, this whole area is lit up beautifully and there are many wonderful buildings, fountains, and statues that you can see for free. It’s less crowded during this time …

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The Lowdown On My First House Sit


House sitting had made it onto my list of potential ways to travel more often/for longer/forever. The basic idea is that in exchange for looking after someone’s property and pets, you get free accommodation. In theory, it’s a win-win situation for travelling pet-lovers; you get to visit and stay in some amazing places rent-free, all while taking care of some lovely animals! It’s a win-win situation for travelling pet-lovers   There are tons of resources available on the internet, detailing everything from how to write …

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Part 2: The time I was hounded by a sad-stray-dog waiter

Es Cana, Ibiza

After carefully avoiding an over-enthusiastic Argentinian traveller who followed me around one evening in Ibiza, I managed to land myself in more even bother in the form of a very pitiful Bulgarian waiter. It started one evening about halfway through my holiday. I was in one of my favourite bars in Es Cana, sipping a nice cold beer, listening to my mp3 player, and doing some writing. Not long after receiving my drink, a forlorn waiter came over and asked if I’d have a drink …

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Part 1: The time I had to utilise MI6 spy tactics to avoid a waiter

Operation: Avoid Getting Stalked

I read a lot of Spy/Black-ops/Secret-government-agency type books and fancy myself as a bit of a Secret Agent in Training. So when I was s.t.a.l.k.e.d by a waiter during my holiday in Majorca, I utilised every tactic I knew to avoid him and avoid detection. It all started on my second morning during breakfast. A waiter came over to talk to me, and asked what I was doing that day. I told him I was planning to take the bus into Peguera (the next tourist …

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