My First Volunteer Teaching Experience

Teaching the Alphabet

A couple of months ago when I was partway through my TEFL certification, I decided it would be a good idea to get some local teaching experience aswell, before moving abroad to teach. And luckily I came across the perfect opportunity; a volunteer teaching position through one of TimeBank’s mentoring programmes, Talking Together. TimeBank are a national volunteering charity, doing all sorts of great work throughout the UK. From mentoring programmes to youth projects, their work is invaluable to the community. Talking Together is a …

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My Journey to Minimalism

I'm minimalising my beauty routine for a minimalist lifestyle

I’ve never been a huge fan of wandering around the shops for hours, arms laden with bags full of new clothes and shoes. But I do like having new things, and in the past I have been an online-ninja-shopper! However, for the past year I have been on a personal mission to trim down my belongings, stop buying into consumerism, and generally live a more minimalistic lifestyle. This time last year when I first started to seriously think about moving abroad, I kept thinking “but …

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A Hotel in Naples – Parties and Prostitutes

Naples Hotel Swimming Pool

Ok, now that I’ve got your attention with the title (ahem) I’m going to share with you the weirdest, most surreal hotel experience I’ve ever had. After a few days in Rome last week, we spent the remainder of our holiday on the outskirts of Naples. We booked the hotel through a reputable site and read the (albeit rather dated) reviews. On arrival we were pleasantly surprised by the decor; an ultra-modern black marble reception area with floor-t0-ceiling smoked-glass automatic-sliding doors leading off to the …

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Rome in 48 Hours

Rome Colosseum

Rome is stuffed full of famous landmarks, iconic buildings, and must-see attractions. It needs time dedicated to exploring its quaint streets and appreciating its many layers. However, it can be done in 48 hours! Spend an Evening in Vatican City If you’re not too fussed about going into the Vatican, this is a great alternative. From dusk, this whole area is lit up beautifully and there are many wonderful buildings, fountains, and statues that you can see for free. It’s less crowded during this time …

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