What To Do When You Lose Your Way

After being on a relatively straight path to a pretty specific goal, I was unceremoniously thrown off track at the start of the year. To remind you, I had been planning to move to sunny Spain but was in need of a viable career that I could do abroad. So I took a TEFL course, did some volunteering and was all set to teach English to some lucky peeps on the continent. Around the same time, a personal situation occurred which meant my dream of …

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My First Scuba Diving Experience


Last month in Malta, I went scuba diving for the first time. I had my reservations about it because I can get ‘situation claustrophobic’ and like to know I can leave if I want to. You might be thinking “Well, what can be more free than swimming around in the ocean looking at little fishies?” And you’d be right in a way – scuba diving is a freeing experience – but physically, scuba diving is up there with Houdini-style restraints, minus the skills to actually …

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Looking Back on 2016

Malaga City Beach

What a year it’s been! From an insane amount of celebrity deaths, Brexit and even Donald Trump becoming president of the United States, I think most people would agree that 2016 has been nothing short of crazy. However… 2016 has been a pretty good year for me. With the exception of the passing of my Nan in July – yes, many ‘normal’ people have passed away this year too, not just celebrities – I’ve had a life-changing, adventurous year, filled with travel and new experiences. …

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