Sarah Doffman

My business bio says that I have a ‘diverse skillset’. Do you want to know what that really means? It means that I love, and have become good at, a complete mish-mash of stuff!

Sometimes that doesn’t go down too well in the corporate world, but what’s wrong with being a writer and photographer, solo traveller, foreign language lover, baker, equestrian, and a girl-gamer?!

Who doesn’t want a friend who jets off to foreign lands to kick ass on the Xbox whilst eating a delicious homemade cake, and then gallops home on horseback to write about her adventures?

I think it’s great when people have lots of hobbies, talents, and interests. It shows passion, ambition, and an active curiosity in the world – life would be very boring if everyone was just defined by their job!

I also think that having a multitude of interests can actually support and benefit not only your other hobbies, but your everyday life. For example, horses have taught me to be patient, travelling has shown me that I’m strong (not literally, my suitcase has nearly killed me on several occasions), and writing has provided a much-needed outlet for the gazillions of thoughts and ideas that zoom around my head driving me crazy!

If you like what you’ve read, I’m available for hire. Although to be clear, I’ll only let you hire me for things like content writing, travel writing, and photography. I’m not available for things like gun-slinging, potion-brewing, or being a master spy… although I am open to suggestions.

I work remotely from wherever I am, so as long as I have my laptop and a broadband connection, we’re good to go!

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