Hotel or B&B?

Having just returned from a mini-break to Tetbury and Glastonbury, where I sampled both a luxury hotel and a top-notch B&B, I had to ask myself which I preferred.

Location aside, which can affect things like pricing, parking, and room size (they can’t just knock down the building next door and extend, y’know) there really is a whole world of difference between these two types of accommodation. And for the main part I think it comes down to a ‘feeling’ and personal preference rather than anything too specific.

For example, when I stayed at the B&B in Glastonbury, I was very aware that I was staying in someone else’s home. Now that’s not to say that I wasn’t made to feel comfortable, because I really was; I had my own super-king room with en-suite, and a key to the front door so that I could come and go as I pleased. However I still felt the need to creep around, even in my own room! Never mind the fact that the floorboards creaked like the bones of an old hag, which made my attempts at stealthy movement virtually impossible.

I also felt the need to try and look after my B&B room a bit more than my hotel room (not that I treat hotel rooms with blatant disregard, darling). But it’s not quite so troubling if a few mishaps occur in a hotel, is it?

As a fine example of this fine point, please imagine you’re in my B&B room, making coffee. To try to minimise causing too much mess, you’re using one of those coffee bags (they’re like tea bags but triple the size and filled with scrummy ground coffee for a hassle free brew-in-the-bag experience). Now imagine dropping that sopping-wet coffee bag onto the cream carpet on-route to the bin. Yep. That happened.

Well don’t look at me. I didn’t do it. I’m pretty sure you were the one making coffee.

Despite these pitfalls, B&B stays tend to be more personal and laid-back, especially when interacting with the staff and/or proprietor. I had two very leisurely, enjoyable breakfasts at the B&B, and thought nothing of chatting with the B&B owner whilst simultaneously stuffing my face full of fresh fruit and Greek yoghurt whilst I waited for my cooked breakfast (which was made to order and cooked to absolute perfection on both days.)

However breakfast at the hotel was rather more formal, and I spent most of my time making a conscious effort to act appropriately and not get too flustered when one of the many good-looking European waiters brought food to my table. As a side-note, porridge with fresh cream and brown sugar; absolute yum.

The Verdict?

Personally, I prefer hotels. I’m not the most sociable of people and like to remain relatively anonymous, should I wish to do so. The personal touch is really nice at a B&B, and if you’re the sort who can just relax and melt into your surroundings then I guess a good quality B&B is right up your street. For me however, I just love a good hotel!

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